Coaching for Design Professionals and Industry Partners

Coaching Call

Your goals and challenges are the focus of this 90 minute, introductory telephone session.

We can explore your short and long term plans for your company, and any obstacles that you fear may derail those plans. Or, we can cover any other topics, from clients to contracts, from pricing to profitability, from marketing methods to website wording.

You’ll walk away from this customized consultation with “how to’s” and insights on increasing sales, promoting your company more effectively and boosting your profits. Your investment will be credited toward longer term coaching commitments.

Long Term Marketing Coaching

A design pro or industry partner without a marketing plan is like a ship without a rudder.

We will help create and implement a plan that will help you make a maximum impact for a minimal investment of time and money. Learn how to easily adopt the promotional methods used by the most financially successful interior design firms and IPs.

Included in your investment: regular accountability and trouble-shooting telephone sessions.

Long Term Sales Coaching

This extended coaching and training program provides what you need to know to supersize your sales.

You’ll discover what you need to know to differentiate yourselves, turn single sales into long term contracts, overcome any and all price objections, and more. You’ll learn upselling and closing strategies that enhance your revenues.

Included in your investment: regular accountability and trouble-shooting telephone sessions.

Design Professionals

  • How can you set and get higher fees? 
  • How can you connect with higher caliber clients? 
  • How can you promote yourself more effectively? 
  • How can you get bigger projects? 
  • How can you overcome price and other objections?

Those are the kinds of questions we explore in my customized coaching programs with designers, architects, window fashion specialists, kitchen and bath pros and other design professionals.

Our  telephone and on-site coaching programs are intended to help design pros dramatically increase their sales and profits, and exceed their financial and other goals.

The coaching focuses on the kind of bottom-line business, sales and marketing topics that they don’t teach in design school.

Topics like turning single sales into long term relationships. And earning more and working less. And doing million dollar marketing on a shoestring budget. And creating marketing, sales and business plans.

We share the strategies, business models, time management shortcuts and “common denominators” for success used by the most prosperous design professionals we’ve worked with the past 25years.

Industry Partners

How to gain and maintain stronger partnerships with design professionals, substantially increase “trade” as well as consumer traffic, build a “buzz” in the design community – those are among the topics on which we coach manufacturers, retailers and showrooms.

We share insights and “how-to’s” gathered through extensive research on trade and retail outlets that are the most successful in serving the design community.

We consult with organizations looking to expand their “to the trade” business – and others seeking to establish such business

Coaching clients learn how to:

  • create excitement in the design community
  • devise a “brand” and stand out in the marketplace
  • maintain a reputation for extraordinary customer service
  • nurture long term relationships with high end design firms
  • substantially increase the impact of their websites
  • communicate most effectively with current and ex-customers
  • attract new clients with high impact marketing
  • connect with successful independent design pros
  • get quoted and promoted in trade and other media
  • get invited to speak at industry events
  • utilize local and regional road rep programs
  • use focus groups and advisory boards to increase sales