Plan Ahead by Polishing Your Presence Now

You’re probably thinking a lot about “presents” this holiday season.

But have you given any thought to “presence?” As in, your online presence going into 2019?

The world’s most successful interior design professionals work constantly and consistently to upgrade their online presence.

They regularly refine and revise their bios in social media and elsewhere. And they focus, too, on, updating their websites – including their portfolios, of course, but also their content. They work hard to come up with concise and compelling language that enhances their SEO rankings and attracts “buzz” and business.

You can stop reading now, if you aren’t interested in building your business in the year ahead. This won’t apply to you if you don’t want to take your business to the next level next year.

But if you are looking for bigger and better results for your design business in 2019, look at your online presence.

And look at it NOW. Now is the very best time to polish your persona and sharpen your marketing tools for the year ahead.

The best way to start this image upgrade process is to register for two 30-minute introductory coaching sessions to help you boost your bio and revamp your website. The Bio Briefing is a session designed to help you transform your current bio – or craft a new one — to spotlight your “special-ness” and position you in a class by yourself.

The Website Onceover is a customized coaching experience that focuses on doubling your site’s impact in half the words, and communicating your value much more effectively. You’ll walk away with suggestions for captivating, compelling website +content that will make your company memorable.

You’re busy during the holiday season. I get that. But it’s critical to take steps now to insure that you’re  busy – and profitable—in the first quarter of 2019, and beyond.

People will check you out in these last weeks of the year, as they think ahead about designing or remodeling or staging their space. As prospects cruise the Net, they’ll be looking at your online presence.

Make sure they like what they see.

Sign up now for a Bio Briefing and a Website Onceover, and polish your presence before you ring in the New Year.


Fred Berns provides promotional copy writing and coaching for interior design professionals.

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