Is Your Website a Winner? Take the Test and Find Out

“Is your website working?”

That’s a question I ask interior design professionals, and all too often the answer is “No.”

Too often the sites don’t generate the “buzz” and the business that they could. And should.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of industry websites, and have provided Website reviews and rewrites for dozens of interior design professionals worldwide.

My conclusion: the value of a site can be determined by answering 12 questions.

I/ Does it Speak to your Specialness?

What makes you different?

2/ Does Your Home Page “Rock?”

It needs to, considering that 50% of the visitors to your site never go beyond this page.

3/ Do Your Bios Sell You?

First and foremost you’re not selling furniture and fabrics. You’re selling yourselves.

4/ Does Your Services Page Tell All?

Brevity is normally best, but here’s one section that should be all-inclusive.

5/ Does It Boost Your Benefits?

How, exactly, do you enhance the value of my space, and save me time, money and stress?

6/ Does It Create Credibility?

Does it include a blog, article, etc. that establishes your industry expertise?

7/ Does it Include a Call to Action?

What next step should I take?

8/ Does it Explain What’s New About You?

What’s new, now and newsworthy about your design firm?

9/ Is it Easy to Navigate?

Is it simple to surf from one section to another?

10/ Are the Photos Ph-antastic?

And do you explain what your showing – and why?

11/ Does it Build a Buzz?

Will Jack say to Jill: “Ya gotta check this site out!”

12/ Does it Pass the 4/2 Test?

The average visit to a website is 4 seconds and 2 clicks. Will I get it – and you – in that time frame?

Fred Berns provides website copywriting and coaching for interior design professionals worldwide.



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