Profitable Performance Begins with “P”

Successful sales and marketing ain’t brain surgery.

That was my message during my “Methods of the Masters” keynote address at the recent conference of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

I used that presentation to share business strategies of the most financially successful staging and other design professionals I’ve worked with the past 30 years.

All seven of those strategies, you’ll find, are really very basic. And they all start with “P:”

1/ Positioning. The leaders pinpoint and promote their “Only.” Tell them what only you do, and they’ll buy only from you.

2/ Pipeline. The stars build theirs by doing their “Daily Dozen.” They reach out every day to at least 12 industry contacts they need to know – and who need to know them.

3/ Pain. No pain, no gain. That’s why top staging and design professionals talk, tweet, text, post, present and write about the biggest challenges their ideal prospects face. And they position themselves as the caregivers.

4/ Partnership. Those in the know never go it alone. They partner in their marketing with vendors, suppliers, allied professionals, contractors, bloggers, the media and other industry influencers.

5/ Pool. Top pros follow the lead of professional billiards players. They always set up their next shot. They talk about Phase II before they start Phase I, and focus on  “next” as well as now.

6/ Pricing. The most financially successful pros attach top value to themselves by charging top dollar. They offer their best before they discuss the rest, and then let their clients decide what they can and can’t afford.

7/ Persistence. Premier professionals simply never, ever give up. They realize that “No” may simply mean “not now” or “not yet.”


Fred Berns speaks to, coaches and writes promotional copy for design and home staging professionals around the world.

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