New! Premium Package will Give You the “Luxury” Look

So, you want bigger projects from better clients this Fall?

Sounds great. And sounds familiar. Every interior design professional I know wants the same thing.

But wanting isn’t enough. You need to show your stuff, and prove your potential. The right prospects need to “get” what you got.

If luxury design projects are what you want this Fall, top quality marketing materials are what you need.

And that’s what you’ll get within 30 days when you invest in the marketing tools included in my new Premium Package.

Register for this self promotion package, and you’ll get within weeks all the marketing pieces you need to connect with the luxury level market. And you’ll get one-on-one coaching on where, when and how to use them for maximum impact.

The Premium Package is a take-it-to-the-top toolkit that will help propel your business to the next level. It includes a Killer Bio, compelling content for your website, a letter of (re-) introduction to those in your target market, a news release template and personalized branding messages you can use in a variety of ways.

It’s no mystery why most design professionals fail to connect with luxury clients. They undersell, undervalue and underpromote their services. They don’t dramatically differentiate themselves And their marketing materials don’t speak the “language” of luxury.

Your Premium Package will help you do all that and more. Your new marketing tools will qualify – rather than disqualify– you for the kind of better projects from bigger budget clients that you want and need. They will set you up for success, and set you part from your competitors.

Do you really want to work in the luxury market? Then you need to look like luxury. To work with high end clients, you need high end marketing materials. And that’s what your Premium Package will provide you.

Click here to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the new Premium Package. I’ll contact in mid-September.

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