August is Prime Time to Boost Your Bio

August is a great month for design professionals to produce and promote a new bio.

This is the perfect time to get to work on your personal profile for your website,  Houzz site and  social media platforms. After all, your bio is your most vital, valuable and versatile personal marketing tool.

Updating your bio, or crafting a new one now will give you a head start on your Fall marketing activities.

Seven valuable points to keep in mind this month as you (re-)develop your bio, or hire someone to do it for you:

1/Nothing differentiates your design firm better than you. Nothing promotes you as effectively as your  bio.

2/ “Only” ( “I’m the area’s only LEED-certified designer”) is your Million $$$ Bio Word.

3/ Other Bio Words that ROCK: First, Newest, Latest, Oldest ( longest-established), Largest, Award-Winning

4/ Your design skills don’t matter. What matters is how clients benefit from them.

5/ In preparing to write your bio, don’t dwell on your “don’t’s.” Don’t fret about the experience, clients, degrees, certifications, and awards that you don’t have.

6/ Highlight, don’t hide your past. Explain how your current clients benefit from the skills you gained from past employment.

7/ Craft a Killer Bio NOW. Your current bio is blocking rather than boosting you, and disqualifying you, rather than qualifying you for bigger projects, better clients, and higher fees.

Looking to build a better bio faster?

Sign up for the $99 Bio Briefing, a 30 minute, personal coaching session, and I’ll help you craft a bio that positions you as a uniquely-qualified, one-of-a-kind design professional.

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Fred Berns creates bios and other promotional copy for interior design firms worldwide.

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