Use Your Bio to Make Your Dreams Come True

Looking to work with luxury design clients?

Act as if you already do.

Looking to take on bigger projects?

Act as if you already do.

Looking to work nationwide?

Act as if you already do.

Use your online bio to “act out” your business goals, and you’ll achieve them.

Include your “dreams” in your profile on your website, your Houzz site and in social media, and guess what? Those dreams will come true.

After writing dozens of interior designer bios, I’ve discovered their uncanny “Law of Attraction.” Spell out your desired outcomes in your bio and you’ll accomplish them.

Take the East Coast designer who wanted to work internationally. I crafted a bio for her  explaining how she was “expanding overseas.” Within months, more than half her projects originated in Europe and the Middle East.

Or the home stager who wanted to be known as a full service designer, too. The bio I wrote positioned her as  a staging professional who “also offers a full range of design services.” Within a year, 40% of her income came from whole house design projects.

That’s why I call your bio your most vital, valuable and versatile personal marketing tool.

Ask yourself an important question before you rewrite your bio, or hire someone else to do so:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you want to design the residences of professional athletes, or movie stars?

Do you want to design Fortune 500 company headquarters, or international hotels, or five star restaurants?

Then state in your bio that’s what you’re “focusing” on.

Fake it ‘til you make it?


But if you conceive it, in your bio, and believe it, you will achieve it.


Fred Berns can write your killer bio, or coach you on how to write your own. Step #1 is to register for his “Bio Briefing” consultation session.

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