The “8 P’s” of Successful Selling

Call yourself a designer, but think of yourself as a salesperson.

That was my message to the standing room only crowd who attended my recent presentation at High Point entitled: “Selling Methods of High End Designers & Salespeople.”

The most financially successful design professionals I’ve coached and written promotional copy for are the best at sales.

And they’re the best because they’ve mastered eight basic sales principles and practices.

Here are the “8 Ps” of Sales Success:

1/ Positioning. Optimize your ONLY brand. Tell them what only you do, and they’ll buy only from you.

2/ Promotion. Sell Yourself. It’s never been easier to get elsewhere your design services and products. The one prospects can’t get elsewhere is you.

3/ Pipeline. Do your Daily Dozen. Contact 12 prospects every day, and you’ll generate the activity that generates record revenue.

4/ Pain. Close sales  by focusing on the biggest challenge your prospect faces. Ask: “How committed are you to change that?” and “What would it cost you not to move ahead with me now?”

5/ Partnership. Grow your “team” and you’ll grow your sales. Align with allied professionals, vendors and suppliers, bloggers, podcasters, and others.

6/ Pricing. If you want high end clients, charge high end prices. You disqualify yourself by asking for too little.

7/ Pool. Do what professional billiards players do: always set up your next shot. Upsell! Discuss Phase II before you start Phase I.

8/ Persistence. Never give up. Never, ever give up.


Fred Berns is an interior design industry sales and marketing coach.

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