Discover the Selling Methods of the Masters Monday at High Point

What’s it take to double your sales?

What’s it take to close more contracts, seal more deals and generate lots more revenue?

Seven steps.

We’re not talking rocket science here. Or magic. Or luck.

We’re talking seven simple selling strategies.

I’ll cover those strategies next Monday at my presentation at High Point entitled: “Selling Methods of High End Designers & Salespeople.”

The program is scheduled for 10:30 a.m., Mon., April 16 in the HFA Retailer Resource Center, Plaza Suites, First Floor, RRC Seminar Room.

If you’re planning on attending the Spring High Point Market, plan on attending this seminar. This is one of those programs you won’t want to miss.

Why? Because no matter how polished is your portfolio and how dazzling are your design skills, none of that means squat if you can’t sell your services.

And way too many interior design professionals can’t.

How the most financially successful design professionals sell their services is what this fast-paced, power-packed presentation is all about. You’ll walk away with “how to’s” and insights on converting contacts into lucrative contracts, overcoming price objections, “maximizing” every sales opportunity, and much more.

They’re simple and straightforward strategies, to be sure. Yet, for some reason, they’re not the strategies they teach you in design school.

If you’re not getting the kind of projects from the kind of clients you want and need, that may have nothing to do with your design abilities. It may have everything to do with your sales abilities.

Or lack of them.

If your sales results aren’t what they could be, or should be, the “Selling Methods” presentation may be just what you need.

Here’s hoping I see you in High Point on Monday.


Fred Berns is a sales and marketing coach for design and retail professionals.

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