7 Habits of Highly Effective Luxury Designers

America’s leading luxury interior designers make a “habit” of success.

That was my message during my recent interview with LuAnn Nigara for her podcast entitled “A Well Designed Business” The program will be broadcast in coming days.

It’s the same message I’ll cover at my presentation entitled “Selling Methods of High End Designers & Salespeople” scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on Mon., April 16 at the Spring 2018 High Point Market.

I’ve launched a year long survey of the business practices of the top luxury market design professionals in the country. Based on my initial research, here are “Seven Habits of Success of Highly Effective Luxury Designers:”


1/ Sell Themselves. These design industry stars are master marketers, highly skilled at the fine art of blowing their horns and tooting their flutes. They understand the power of personal promotion.

2/ Focus. A common characteristic of these leaders in the field they have their “eyes on the prize.” They have a laser beam focus on their ideal projects and clients and on their financial goals. They never say “yes” when they should say “no.”

3 “Look” the Part. Their portfolios are first class, of course, but so are their bios, their websites and their marketing materials.

4/ Charge the Part. They charge top dollar not just because they can, but because it’s part of their luxury brand. They attach value to themselves, never compromise on fees, and view price objections as opportunities.

5/ Solve Problems. They’re experts on the biggest design challenges facing high end clients, and they promote their ability to overcome those challenges. It’s what they talk, text and tweet about.

6/ Sell from The Top Down. They talk about their best before they discuss the rest. They showcase their top of the line products and design services, and leave it to their clients to decide what they can, or want to afford

7/ Persist. The top performing luxury designers are propelled by perseverance. They simply never, ever give up.

Fred Berns is a sales and marketing coach and promotional copy writer for luxury market and other interior design professionals.

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