Your “Luxury Designer” Reputation: Prove It or Lose It

I see here you call yourself a “luxury designer.”

I guess that means that you specialize in designing the interiors of spacious high end homes and commercial projects for elite clients. How cool! I’m glad you’re thinking big and aiming high.

Problem is, a lot of others identify themselves as “luxury designers,” too.

Here’s the deal. You can’t just call yourself a luxury designer anymore. Not in these highly-competitive times.

Nowadays, you have to look the part. That means having an online bio that spells out your special-ness and experience in the high end marketplace.

That promotion profile should convince me that you understand and can help solve the most pressing interior design challenges facing your most prominent residential and commercial clients.

The bio should share your success stories and point out who you’ve worked with, and how. It should cover your most impressive accomplishments, and the projects of which you’re proudest.

It should list the high end awards you’ve won, and the prestigious publications and online outlets which have featured your work.

And it should refer to the highly qualified contractors – from the faux painters to the cabinet installers — who round out your team.

No, don’t just tell me you’re a” luxury designer.” Show me.

I’m not talking about your portfolio here.  I know you have lots of lovely images of lots of beachfront homes and estates and downtown condos and boutique hotels and trendy restaurants.

Lots of luxury designers have those.

Show me a bio on your website and in social media that knocks my socks off, and convinces me you’re a uniquely-qualified, one-of-a-kind luxury designer.

And, while you’re at it, show me how your blog regularly addresses key high end design topics, and what’s in and what’s out, and what’s hot and what’s not in the luxury residential and commercial marketplace.

Show me testimonials from ecstatic high profile clients talking about how you rocked their world.

And show me what you charge. Luxury market designers set and get luxury market fees.

Do you?

I guess what I’m suggesting here is don’t just play the part of a luxury interior designer.

Look, sound, act and charge the part.


Fred Berns speaks to, coaches, and creates promotional copy for luxurydesign professionals worldwide.

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