Half-Price Promotion Package Offer Ends Friday

A half price Promotion Package is the offer, and Friday is the day.

The Package – consisting of the Killer Bio and the Killer Cover Letter that I would write for you – is available for a 50% discount if you register here by 6 p.m.(Eastern) this Fri., Nov. 10.

Those of you who attended my “Supplement Your Success!” webinar this week with Audra Slinkey first heard about the offer to reduce by $2500 the investment for the two tools if you act by Friday.

That investment for the Bio and Letter is normally $5,000, but you’ll pay half that amount if you register here by this Friday’s deadline.

The Bio is your most vital and valuable personal sales piece – one you can use on your website, in social media and in all of your online marketing.

The Letter is an outstanding vehicle for (re-) introducing yourself to all those you need to know about all that you can do. Use it to showcase your new bio, roll out new design services, announce a rate increase, or inform your database of other changes at your firm.

Distributing that letter with the bio attached will be your first step toward a remarkable – and record breaking –year.

You don’t need magic or miracles to make 2018 your best year yet.

You need two tools: a Killer Bio and a Killer Cover Letter to go with it.

Those two tools will  pave the way for bigger projects, better clients and higher fees in 2018.  I’ll provide you with a first draft of each within 10 days after I interview you.

Remember, the deadline for the Half-Price Special is 6 p.m.(Eastern) this Fri., Nov. 10, so register here and register now!

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