In the Storm’s Aftermath, How Should She Promote Herself?

How do you market yourself when your marketplace has been flooded?


That’s a question Houston designer Diana S. Walker posed to me recently. And it’s a question that I pose to you, my readers.

Diana contacted me for suggestions on “the path forward” in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a storm which did millions of dollars of damage and affected 13 million people in Texas and four other states.

“What’s the best way to attract new business when everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the storm?” Diana asked.

I didn’t have an easy answer for her. Do you?

How – and even if – to promote your design business after natural disasters strike is a question thousands of design professionals confront this Fall.  It’s certainly a question Florida designers have faced since Hurricane Irma did billions of damage to their state.

Any and all thoughts you have for Diana would be greatly appreciated. Please forward your comments to me at [email protected]

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