Build Buzz by Adding Punch to Your Pitch

A great portfolio doesn’t necessarily lead to great publicity.

A great “pitch” does.

That was a common theme at the panel in which I participated recently at Fall Design Week at AmericasMart in Atlanta.  I was one of three panelists at a program entitled: “Pitch Perfect: The Keys to Securing Great Press, Brand Collaborations and Buzz.”

Joining me on the panel were Amy Flurry, author of Recipe for Press Designer Edition, and Linda Weinstein, the founder of the One Room Challenge. The panel was moderated by Vicki Bolick, an award-winning blogger with The Ace of Space.

A pitch is a presentation of a story or feature idea to an editor, producer, blogger or other representative of a media outlet in which you would like to appear. Some of the best ideas focus on how your prospects can overcome their key interior design challenges.

What I’m suggesting here is that you play doctor.  You diagnose the “pain,” suggest a few remedies, then offer yourself as the cure.

So, what hurts?

For some owners of new, huge homes, it’s all that empty, dead space. For some residents of older homes, it’s declining property values.

For some vacation home owners, it’s sun damage to their artwork and rugs

For some executives, it’s outdated corporate offices. For some physicians and attorneys, it’s uninviting waiting rooms.

So, write articles on how to:

  • Spiff up your space so it fits your lifestyle
  • Enhance your home’s “net worth” and prepare it for resale
  • Cover odd-shaped windows and protect your interiors from UV rays
  • Select functional furniture that increases your company’s productivity and profits
  • Warm up your waiting room

I “ghost write” articles for design professionals on those and other topics. The articles carry their bylines, contact information, and “specialty” information.

In the “Posh Can Be Practical” article I created for one designer, her specialty line read:

“As a full service designer who has created my own line of eco-friendly furniture, I specialize in helping leading homeowners add logic to their luxury lifestyle.”

That kind of specialty line gets the phone ringing.

Why write articles when you can advertise, instead?

Because articles by or about you in print and online get you more visibility, credibility and clients.

Develop a powerful pitch for your story ideas, and key media outlets will snap them up in a hurry.


Fred Berns is a  marketing coach and promotional copy writer for interior design professionals.



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