There’s Power in the Process, Sarah says…

To hear Sarah Daniele tell it, process makes perfect.

Well, not perfect, exactly, but she says it paves the way for success in your interior design business.

Sarah is  CEO and co-founder of Mydoma Studio, the world’s premier interior design software company. 

I find her guest blog post most intriguing. I’m sure you will, too. 

Read on….

Meet Jane, she’s a hobbyist baker.
A colleague asked Jane to make her signature Tiramisu for a party she’s hosting.

Jane’s excited by the opportunity and happily agrees.

It’s the morning of and Jane gets started but realizes her family recipe is missing.

She knows the key ingredients, how it’s supposed to taste and look, so she figures she’ll wing it since she’s made it before.

A few hours into the process, Jane realizes it’s taking longer than she remembers, but she still has a couple hours before the party.

It’s getting nearer to the time she needs to leave.

Jane’s feeling stressed by the time crunch. She doesn’t want to disappoint but the cake needs a few finishing touches. Eventually she decides the cake looks “good enough”, packs up and heads out the door.   

Jane arrives 15 minutes later than expected, but none the less the party is excited to devour Jane’s creation and her colleague kindly invites her to enjoy “the fruit of her labour”.

Jane receive some “half smiles” and polite, “ it’s tasty…”.

Then her colleague says “ The filling tastes a bit different than I expected…”

Jane is embarrassed and starts coming up with “reasons” why it tastes different.

Jane tries to rationalize a truth she already knows.

She’s made a mistake.

She didn’t follow a recipe.

Jane leaves knowing that she’s disappointed her colleague and is frustrated she didn’t deliver on the promises she made.

Stories always make for the best lessons.

The lesson here is that a process in the business of interior design is to a recipe for a cake. Without a consistent, repeatable design process you are guaranteed to make costly and otherwise avoidable mistakes.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh in the industry or a seasoned professional. A consistent process is absolutely necessary.

Your process is your best business friend. It’s the recipe of how you conduct business, from the initial consult to implementation.

Without a process;  you will waste time (arguably your most important resource), deliver unexpected results, disappoint clients and will receive less referrals.

Building a successful interior design business begins and ends with process. Follow the recipe and you’ll set your clients and business up for success.

To learn strategies for developing or refreshing your design process visit Mydoma Studio, the trusted experts in project and client management software for the interior design industry. Join our weekly webinar to learn more.

Happy designing!

Sarah Daniele





Fred Berns is an interior design industry business coach, promotional copy writer and speaker.

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