Hit the “Wall?” These Tools Can Help You Climb It

Does it feel like your career is at a crossroads?

You’ve worked hard to build your interior design business –and it paid off. You landed some good residential and commercial projects from some high profile clients. You got lots of referrals, gained considerable recognition and earned good income.

Back then.

Now you’re every bit as busy, and working just as hard but you’re just not getting the projects and clients you could and should, and you don’t know why.

You feel as if you’ve hit a wall.

The problem may be in your promotion. Even if you’re applying all the right marketing techniques, you may lack the right marketing tools.

Here are the five tools that financially successful design professionals have in their marketing toolkit:

1/ The Bio. Your online and social media profile is your most vital, valuable and versatile personal marketing tool. Your Killer Bio should spell out your special-ness, promote you as a uniquely-qualified leader in your field, and promote the Star that you are.

2/ The List. Your service list should include all that you do, and can do. Don’t leave money on the table by failing to provide a complete rundown of all your design services. Don’t just say you’re a “full service” design firm. Spell out each of those services.

3/ The Letter. One of the best remedies for a career at a crossroads is a Letter of (Re)Introduction. Email to your entire database a letter explaining what’s new, what’s now and what’s neat about your design firm. Attach your Killer Bio. It’s a swell way to connect with prospects – and reconnect with ex-clients.

4/ The Report. This single post or article creates instant credibility and establishes your expertise. It should focus on the biggest design challenges your clients face – and include your suggestions on how to overcome them. The idea is to pinpoint the pain, and establish yourself as the caregiver who can treat it.

5/ The Release. Free Publicity is the best advertising that designers can’t buy, and you’ll attract lots of it when you create a powerful press release template to use every time you announce news about your firm online and in the media. Just add the latest news to the top, and use this template over and over.

If inertia is the problem in your design business now, these five tools may well help you fix it.


Fred Berns, a promotional copy writer for design professionals worldwide, can create for you all five of these tools.

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