Now is the Time to Get Them to Buy

Interior design professionals can’t grow their profits simply by convincing prospects to buy.

The key is convincing them to buy…now.

 You compete with far more than your competitors when it comes to getting prospects to work with you now.

You compete with those new cars that prospects want to buy. And those vacations they want to take. And those college tuitions they have to pay for. Yes, prospects have lots of other things they could spend their money on right now rather than your design services.

“Why you?” used to be the question foremost on a prospect’s mind. Now there’s a second one: “Why now?”

You can’t afford to let prospects stand by, to think about it, to hold off for now, to shop around a bit. You can’t sell when they sit. When they snooze, you lose.

Nor can you allow them to let them use “this economy” as an excuse not to buy now.

Instead, explain that:  “Now is the best time to invest in our design products and services, because we can immediately help you…

+ save time, money and stress in your new construction or renovation project.”

+ substantially reduce heating and cooling bills in your home or office, by installing more energy efficient window treatments.”

+ increase your home’s value and prepare it for resale.”

+ save money now rather than pay higher prices in the future on fabrics, lighting and other furnishings.”

+ update your models, so you can sell your home or condos more quickly.”

+ redesign your office space, so you can increase company productivity and profitability.”

Design professionals can motivate prospects to act now by addressing the distress those prospects feel about their home or office interiors. Pinpointing that pain, and proposing solutions to overcome it helps create immediacy.

Examples of effective “pain” questions:

  • How long has this situation (e.g., outdated office space) been bothering you?
  • How have you dealt with it?
  • How’s that been working for you?
  • What’s this problem costing you (in time, aggravation, lost revenue, etc.)?
  • What’s it worth to you to overcome this challenge?
  • What if you could resolve this issue by _____(e.g., the end of the year)?

Responding to those questions will reinforce the  pain an individual feels, and may well compel him or her to act on that  pain  pronto.

A prospect’s procrastination in your poison. It’s also a form of price objection which you can overcome with the “feel-felt-found” technique.

Say: “I understand how you feel: the idea of investing in a new kitchen now is scary, because it is expensive.”

“Other clients felt that, too. But they found that buying now helped them immediately reduce energy costs, lock in lower prices on materials and labor, and enhance the value — and eventual resale value — of their homes.”

Maybe your competitors are willing to fall for the stall, settle for “someday,” and let prospects walk out of their showroom — and out of their lives.

You can’t. Not if you want to thrive, rather than just survive in the months ahead.

Here’s where you must educate others as to the value of hiring you now.

Here’s where you must create immediacy.

Here’s where you must convince them that this isn’t just a good time to invest in your design services and products, it’s the BEST time.


Fred Berns is an interior design industry speaker, coach and promotional copy writer

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