If It’s Lousy, Lose It

The unreasonable client.

The underachieving employee.

The unprofitable product line.

Those kind of headaches suck up your time and steal your profits.

Let ’em go.

One of the best ways to gain financial freedom is to eliminate the obstacles to it.

Say “see ya” to the client who bellyaches about your every bill. Bid “bye bye” to the member of your staff with the lousy attitude.

Rid yourself of the products, and stop promoting the design services that never sold, and never will.

And remember: obsolete marketing materials are more of a hindrance than a help.

Study your stuff.

Trash the moldy, oldy images in your portfolio. Revise, or get rid of that outdated website.  Can that social media content that didn’t work before, and won’t now.

Banish that bad online bio—the one that blocks rather than boosts you. Write it right — or get someone to do it for you.

Replace that tired and uninspired voicemail message. Burn those promotional pieces dating back to 2009.

And look carefully at that personal promotion photo of yours.  Is that really what you look like now?  If not, lose it.


The bottom line: you can sabotage your success and compromise your career by holding on to too much, for too long.

Fred Berns writes marketing copy for, coaches and speaks to interior design professionals around the country.

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