Coming Soon! Secrets to Staging Success

Home staging.

So many design professionals offer it, and so many others think about doing so.  Yet so few know how to make money at it.


What’s it take to generate sizable profits from staging?

What’s it take to really connect with realtors and others who can help you build this aspect of your business?

What’s it take to succeed as a stager?

Who better to answer those questions than Shell Broadnax, one of the nation’s foremost staging experts and the founder and chief executive officer of the Real Estate Staging Association(RESA).

Coming soon will be my exclusive, one-on-one interview with this leading authority on one of the fastest growing, yet least understood design career paths. Tune into this interview, which will be available by April 1, and discover Shell’s strategies, secrets and shortcuts to profitability in staging.

Learn the Do’s and Don’t’s for staging success, and how to avoid the mistakes that too many aspiring stagers make too often.  And find out how to get into staging, identify your ideal clients, communicate with confidence, and avoid discounting your fees.

All that and more in the online interview coming soon.

Shell is a founder of the real estate staging industry She established RESA to advance professionalism and excellence within the industry, and she has grown the organization to include more than 1200 members in 50 chapters.

And she is a “face” of the industry, regularly speaking around the country to a wide variety of audiences. She is the co-author of the book “Home Staging: the Power that Sells Real Estate,”  and her program for realtors, “Staging to Sell—What Every Agent Should Know” has won widespread acclaim.

When Shell Broadnax talks about home staging, people listen. And you should most definitely listen when to my upcoming online interview with her comes out by April 1.

You won’t want to miss of word what she has to say about home staging. And you won’t have to once you download my interview with her.

Stay tuned.


Fred Berns in an interior design industry coach, copy writer and speaker.

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