“Selling Methods of the Masters” at Thursday’s IDS Conference

verybestsellersWhy is it that so many interior design professionals work so hard, yet so few earn top dollar?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself frequently over a 25+ year career coaching, writing promotional copy and speaking to design professionals worldwide.

And it’s a question that motivated me to interview some of most financially-successful design professionals to find out what they’re doing that the others don’t.

Turns out that, as different as their businesses are, they all implement eight basic sales techniques.

Those surprisingly simple selling strategies will be the focus of my presentation entitled “Selling Methods of the Masters” at Noon this Thursday, March 31 at the IDS National Conference at the Dallas Market Center.

These strategies take little time, and cost virtually nothing to implement.

They’re basic steps that high performing design professionals take every day, every week to convert contacts into lucrative contracts, seal big deals and generate outstanding income.

Follow all eight steps, and your sales will grow from ordinary to extraordinary in a very short time.

I hope to see you on Thursday in Dallas!

Fred Berns provides sales coaching to leading designers across North America and around the world.


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