“Business School” Events that will Catapult Your Career

business school

You can get the equivalent of some graduate business school education in coming days without leaving your home, office or studio. And without spending a dime.

That’s because two complimentary online life- and business-changing events are yours for the asking – and clicking.

For starters, there’s the Total Impact Video Series, a series of interviews with more than two dozen authors, speakers, thought leaders and business experts sharing simple strategies and tactics you can use to supercharge your success and boost your bottom line in an hour a day.

I’m honored to be one of the speakers in this series, which you can download by clicking here.

Then there’s the Design Success University webinar entitled Seven Keys to A More Profitable Interior Design Business. Join Gail Doby, DSU’s Chief Vision Officer, as she shares:

+ The 3 must-have elements that ensure your business will thrive. (Without them, your business is more likely to struggle, and you’re more likely to be disappointed with your financial results.)

+ THE key to your financial success. (This is so simple, but often so misunderstood. Get it right and your profits soar.)

+ A business component that guarantees your success and your clients’ satisfaction, and gets you referrals, too!

+ What you need to simplify communication and time management and therefore to boost bottom-line profit.

+ And more.

Register for the “Seven Keys” webinar by clicking here.

You need not leave your chair in coming days. to gain some graduate business school insights and information. You need only enroll in the Total Impact Video Series and the DSU webinar on building a profitable interior design business.


Fred Berns is an interior design industry business coach, speaker and promotional copy writer.

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