Website Warning!!! Make Your Home Page Your Priority




I don’t like your website home page.

And you shouldn’t, either.

If you’re like most interior design professionals, your “landing page” isn’t working for you.

You don’t need all those photos, and all those tabs. And you certainly don’t need that vague verbiage about  how you “turn dreams into reality.”

Problem is,  visitors to your site don’t “get” it. And they don’t get you. And they don’t get what you want you want them to do.

Here’s the deal, Neal.

50% of those visitors will never go beyond that home page. That’s why yours should contain words that work.

That means that you must do on your home page what 99% of design professionals don’t do on theirs.

+ Tell ’em what you do – Briefly explain who and how you help with your design, remodeling, and/or other services

+ Tell ’em why you’re special – Speak to Your Specialness. Give your unique selling proposition, your “Only,” your brand.

+ Give ’em a Call to Action – Ask them to call, provide their contact info, buy this, download that, etc.

Here’s your Call to Action: set aside a few hours to revise and rework the wording on your website home page.

Don’t delay. Do this now.

If you’re looking to boost your business this Fall, you can’t afford to put this off.

You can’t afford a home page that hurts rather than helps  you.

You can’t afford a wimpy website.

Fred Berns is the author of the best selling interior design  audio program entitled: 21 Keys to a Killer Website.


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