Time Management Tips for Interior Design Professionals

When I think of good “time managers,” I don’t think of interior design professionals.

Many of the designers, window fashion professionals, kitchen and bath specialists and others I know, in fact, make poor use of their time.

They work hard, but they don’t work smart.

That’s why they’re more “busy” than they are profitable.

Which is why I thought of design professionals when I read a book recently titled Getting Things Done by David Allen.

Allen suggests you put all tasks into one of three categories:

1/ Do It: take action yourself if the task can be done in 2:00 or less

2/ Delegate it: assign a task requiring more than 2:00 to someone else, if they can do it better.

3/ Defer it: this applies to a task for which you’re the right person, but which will take more than 2:00 of your time.

Speaking of design pros — and time — they’d be better off focusing more on current rather than prospective clients.

I’ve cited these numbers before: the long term value of each client is more than 100 times the value of a single transaction. And it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.

When interior designers think of time, they should think of “Now.”

And they should remember that yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promisory note, but today is a blank check.

How to master your time and maximize your profits is the theme of our audio program, Work Less, Earn More.

Fred Berns is a speaker, trainer and coach in the interior design industry.

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