Ask, and You’ll Receive. Don’t, and You Won’t.

If you’re not making enough sales,  you’re not asking  enough questions.

You can’t get the business unless you ask for it.

And you’re unlikely to get other benefits without asking for them.

Referrals, for example.  And the OK to do Phase II.

And coverage in leading design publication. And deeper vendor discounts.

You won’t get everything you ask for. But, you may get not get anything that you don’t ask for.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll receive positive responses. But you miss 100 per cent of the shots you never take.

Are you taking enough shots?

Not if your interior design business isn’t where it should be. Or could be.

Better outcomes may be only a question away.

Ask for:
+ the appointment

+ the sale

+ the contract

+ higher fees

+ payment up front

+ referrals

+ letters of introduction

+ testimonials

+ Phase II of the project

+ financial support

+ better terms

+ better rates

+ other discounts

+ media coverage

+ speaking opportunities

+ the job

+ the promotion

+ the raise


Let’s talk about you, and let’s talk about summer.

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You’ll also find out how to double your database while you sleep.

And we can use this 1-on-1 session to review your design business goals and challenges.

Included in your moneyback guaranteed investment is a one week follow up period.

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That empty seat in First Class sure looked inviting.

The flight from Dubai, U.A.E. back to Washington, D.C. was going to be long: 15 hours, or so.

And I was plenty tired.

I had spent the week presenting seminars and serving as the emcee in Dubai at the conference of the International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers.

“Can I sit in that seat?” I asked the flight attendant as I boarded the plane.

“No, she replied. “You have an economy ticket.

“But the seat’s empty.”

“Why should I give you a free upgrade instead of anyone else?”

“Because I’m the only one who asked.”

“Hmmmm,”  she said. “You have a point there.”

And, within minutes, I had a First Class seat there. At no extra charge.

Ask the right question, and you get the right answer.

Fred Berns provides business success coaching for leading interior design professionals and design industry partners worldwide.

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