Time Away is Time Well-Spent




Get outta town.

If your  sales aren’t soaring, if you’re severely challenged by your design business , if you’re burnt out, get outta town.

If you’re uncertain where to go from here, go there.

“There” can be a mountain resort, or a sandy beach, or a nice town a few hours away.

Get away for a few weeks, a few days, or a even a few hours. Just…get outta of town.

Nothing can give you more clarity about your business than time away from your business.

That means time away from your cellphone and email and blackberry and every other link to your workaday world.

A getaway last week to Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado reminded me how renewing and energizing time away can be.

I was so busy enjoying my hikes, mountain biking and R&R that I didn’t have much time to think about business.

Nevertheless, I came back filled with fresh perspectives and exciting ideas about my speaking and coaching business.

One of those ideas, which struck me like a thunderbolt while I was gazing out over a mountain lake, may very well have a lasting impact on my business, and my life.

And I returned with solutions to some challenges which had perplexed me for some time.

Time away is great for your mind, body and soul. And it’s great for your business, too.

Fred Berns coaches interior design professionals and design industry partners on business skills.

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