Now She Has a Bio She Can Brag About

Like so many other interior designer professionals, Faten Alsarraf was her own best-kept secret.

That’s because Faten, who is based in Dubai, didn’t promote herself as well as she could. And should.

Her promotional bio — on her website and in her promotional materials — used to open as follows:

(Faten Alsaraff) “is known by many of her companions and industry partners as a hard-working motivator, a go-getter and an experienced interior designer and architect.  She is…the founder and owners of Final Fix Interiors.

Faten completed her Bachelors in Architecture from Baghdad University in 1989, and later on completed her Masters in Interior Design in 1998.”

Talk about underselling yourself! 

 Here’s a professional  with 22 years experience providing design services for the Sheikh of Dubai, the royal families in several Middle Eastern countries, and schools, offices, hotels, resorts, banks, cultural centers and other commercial facilities  throughout the region.

Faten hired me to revise her bio, and here’s how it opens now:

“Faten Alsarraf, among the Middle East’s most prominent interior designers, heads one of the region’s most successful and versatile full service-design firms.

Faten, the only female designer and contractor who has worked with so many top government officials and private clients in the UAE, Iraq and elsewhere in the area, directs a company that has more suppliers and resources than any other Middle Eastern design firm.”

A lot more powerful, don’t you think?

Does your bio undersell you, and disqualify you for the kind of clients you want and need?

If so, I would be happy to revise, or create your promotional bio.

I have time this Summer to work with three design professionals on their bios. Interested? Contact me at [email protected]

For more on promotional bios:

Fred Berns creates bios and other marketing materials for interior design professionals and industry partners worldwide.

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