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I’m honored to have been the most frequent guest on the interior design industry’s most popular podcast, “A Well Designed Business” with LuAnn Nigara.

Programs in which I’ve been featured:

Set and Get Higher Fees

How to set and get paid higher fees.

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Luxury Market Designers

Common characteristics and business practices of the most financially successful high end design professionals.

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Own Your “Only”

How to pinpoint and promote your “Only” brand (as in: “The area’s only designer who….”) to dramatically differentiate yourself and your company.”

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Selling Methods of the Masters

Upselling, self promotion and other strategies that top design professionals use to turn contacts into contracts, overcome price objections, seal big deals, and maximize their sales and income.

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Add “Wow!” to Your Websites

How tiny tweaks in your website content and generate big buzz – and business.

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Create a Killer Bio: Promote the “Star” that You Are

Craft a new online profile – or tweak your current one – so that it qualifies, rather than disqualifies you for the kind of projects from the kind of clients you want and deserve.

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Five Keys to a Fabulous Fall

Secrets, strategies and shortcuts for generating substantial income for your design business in a short amount of time.

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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Ways to Sabotage Your Success in 2019

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