Copywriting Services for Design Professionals and Industry Partners


Your Bio is your most important online and print promotional piece.  Yours should knock their socks off.

You can’t get good projects and/or clients with a bad bio.

Give us one hour on the phone to interview you, and we’ll give you within a few weeks the first draft of the most powerful bio you’ve ever had. We’ll develop for you a personal marketing profile that spells out your “specialness” and positions you as uniquely qualified.


An article by or about you in print and online outlets read by key prospects is smart marketing at its best. Free publicity, after all, is the best advertising you can’t buy.

Articles enhance your credibility, establish your expertise, and get you clients.

Let us interview you by phone, and we’ll create for you a business-building article for distribution to key media, and for use on your website and in your social networking. We’ll help you identify a topic that will have the greatest impact, and advise you on how to promote the article once it’s completed.

Website Copy

The average visit to a website is 4 seconds and 2 clicks. Do visitors to your site “get” how special you are in that time frame?

They most certainly will, once we revise the wording on your site.

We can help you identify and promote your “Only” brand (as in, “We’re the only area design firm which….,” on your home page. And we can spiff up your services list, and create captivating copy which creates a buzz and enhances your search engine rankings, and even write features and blogposts which motivate visitors to return often.

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  1. Hello,
    I am new to the interior design/decorating space. Because of this, I am facing difficulty with a Bio for my website. Do you have experience with helping a “new to the industry/no previous clients” client?

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