Perplexed? Ask Others, But Listen to Yourself

Let your gut be your guide.

The next time a judgement question has you stumped, stymied and stuck look inside before you look outside for answers. Rely on your instincts.

Go with your gut when:

+ the project seems too good to be true

+ the numbers don’t add up

+ the client asks you to “throw in” additional services that weren’t discussed at the outset

+ the caller seeks too much pricing information

+ the hot prospect doesn’t return your calls

+ the new client questions your every move

+ the old client falls way behind in payments

+ the prospect promises “to pass along your name” as  justification for lowering your fee

+ the vendor falls way behind in deliveries

+ the sales rep demands full payment up front

+ the social networking campaign takes too much time

+ the website designer knows nothing about interior design

+ the publication wants you to advertise before it runs your article

+ the talented job applicant doesn’t look you in the eye

+ the job offer raises more questions than answers

On issues like those, you’re better off following your intuition.

If you don’t like what you see, hear, or feel, make a change. Now.

When it comes to those judgement calls, there are lots of “experts” out there to advise you.

Business partners, for example. And spouses. And other design professionals. And allied professionals, subcontractors, vendors, lawyers, accountants, mentors, coaches and consultants.

Trouble is no one knows you like you. No one else has walked in your shoes, and survived your bad times, and thrived in your good times like you.

Their intentions are good, but your insights are better.

Listen to yourself, and believe what you hear.

The answers that aren’t in your head may be in your gut.


Fred Berns is a business coach and marketing copy writer for interior design professionals worldwide.

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