Your Bio: So Vital Because it’s So Versatile

It’s good to be good, but better if others know.

That’s why it’s so very important to craft a Killer Bio, and get it out to whomever you can, whenever you can.

Your Personal Profile should be the focal point of your personal marketing efforts

Use it in:

  • the “About Us” section of your website
  • your Houzz profile all your social media. Formats will vary from the complete (LinkedIn summary) to the curtailed, as in Twitter (140 words) and Instagram(150)
  • your Google profile
  • the “personal profile/describe your channel” section on YouTube
  • all communication with prospects
  • your email signature, accessible via a link
  • developing your brand, elevator speech and voicemail message
  • presenting – or raising—your fees
  • confirming initial appointments (“I’m looking forward to our meeting, and have attached some background information.)
  • client communication about new services or products
  • joint marketing campaigns in which allied professionals promote you to their database
  • all pricing proposals, including bids for commercial projects
  • soliciting speaking engagements
  • catalogs promoting your seminars, courses, classes, workshops, etc.
  • handouts at your presentations
  • soliciting writing opportunities
  • the “about the author” section of your articles, columns, and blog posts
  • resource material for the media (reporters, writers, producers, bloggers, etc.)
  • soliciting podcasting opportunities
  • group directories (e.g., in the “Find a Designer” section of an ASID website)
  • advising your personal reference list, so they can more effectively recommend you to others
  • designer showcases and show houses
  • soliciting corporate partnerships
  • seeking financial assistance for your design firm

It’s never been more important to market yourself, and nothing does that as effectively as a Killer Bio. There’s no better way to promote the Star that you are.

Do your bio right, and do it now!

Fred Berns  offer a Bio Briefing coaching session. to help interior design professionals craft their own Killer Bio. He also writes bios and other marketing materials for interior design professionals worldwide.

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