Your Daily Dozen Can Supercharge Your Success

A single strategy will automatically, absolutely, positively increase your interior design business this year.

It will boost your sales, and it will increase your profits.

I guarantee it.

I call this terrific technique Doing Your Daily Dozen, and it works like this: you make 12 business-building contacts every weekday, every week.

That could mean reaching out to a client, and suggesting a next phase for their project. Or emailing a former client about doing an upgrade. Or setting up an appointment with a prospect.

It could mean talking to that fabric showroom about sponsoring your seminar. Or that home  inspector about doing some joint marketing.  Or that building owner about referrals.

Today’s Daily Dozen could include messaging your builder buddy. Or recontacting those realtors you talked to a while back. Or following up with the property manager you met recently.

Maybe it’s reconnecting with the sales rep who stopped by the other day, the one who knows everybody. Or checking in to see if that contractor you used last time may have some leads for you. Or following up on that Houzz query.

Doing Your Daily Dozen means smiling and dialing, contacting your contacts, working your network, talking to and texting and touching 12 people. Or more.

Every workday. Every week.

It means reaching out to everyone and anyone who somehow, in some way, can help you build your business today.

If ever there was a winning strategy to increase your sales, this is it.

But this winner comes with a warning: it takes work. Hard work.

Making 12 contacts a day requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. You’ll send lots of emails, and leave lots of phone messages, and, on some days, receive few replies. And get ready for rejection: you’ll get plenty of that. You’ll get to know “No.”

Doing the Daily Dozen can be wearing. But it works.

Ask my former coaching client here in western Canada, the one whose goal was to generate an additional $25,000 in new business between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

She kicked and screamed when I suggested Doing the Daily Dozen.

Don’t have the time, don’t have the interest, don’t have the discipline, she said.

Do it anyway, I said. And she did.

And she’s closed $23,500 in additional sales within the first two weeks.

Will your Daily Dozen produce those kind of results? Maybe not.

And maybe you’re convinced you’re just too busy to give it a try. To which I say, are you just “busy,” or are you making the sales and income you want and need?

Tell me the “Daily Dozen” isn’t for you, and I’ll tell you that it’s better than the 2019 business building plan that you don’t have.


Want help setting up your Daily Dozen program? Contact Fred Berns at 303-589-3013, or

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