Thursday Webinar: Master Your Marketing & Expand Your Brand

What makes you different?

That’s the question on the mind of every prospect you contact about your design services. How  well you answer that question will determine how successful you and your design industry business will be in 2019 – and beyond.

You’ll gain some invaluable clues on how best to answer “The Question” in a free webinar scheduled for 6 p.m. Eastern tomorrow, Jan. 24th. Register for the webinar by clicking here.

“Branding & Marketing Yourself” is the title of the webinar. I’ll be one of three panelists participating in the event, which is sponsored by the Living in Place Institute. That’s the organization dedicated to making homes more accessible, comfortable and safer for everyone, regardless of age or condition.

Joining me on the panel will be Julie Schuster, one of the nation’s leading holistic interior design and home staging professionals, and S. Robert August, an award-winning marketing, management and sales strategist. The moderator will be Erik Listou, the co-founder of the Living in Place Institute.

Register for this business- and career-building event by clicking here.

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