New Report: Get Bigger Projects from Better Clients

 It doesn’t happen by chance that you start consistently attracting larger interior design projects from higher caliber clients.

It happens by choice.

You can make that choice by following the basic strategies included in my new complimentary report. It’s called: Get Bigger Projects from Better Clients: 15 Simple Steps to Success, and you can download it  here.

You’ll be surprised, as you review those steps how easy they are. You may already use some of the them.

Problem is, in competitive times like these, “some” doesn’t cut it. The most financially successful design professionals I’ve ever met use all of these strategies.

You should, too.

So many design pros work so hard to land premier projects from luxury clients, yet so few do. That’s because they overlook some basic selling strategies and miss the mark in their marketing.

Developing lasting relationships with big budget clients is much easier than you think. You need only follow the stepping stones to success described in this report.

What motivated me to create this new report is the widespread interest among designers, kitchen and bath professionals, home stagers and others to take their business to the next level. Seems like every time I give a live presentation, or sign a new copy writing or coaching client, the questions surface: What can I do to attract clients with bigger budgets?  What does it take to get more lucrative projects?

The short answer is, it doesn’t take much. You simply have to do the little things that luxury level design professionals do every time, all the time. Those little things are spelled out clearly and simply in the “Get Bigger Project from Better Clients” report.

Now is the time to figure out how to make 2019 your very best year yet.

Now is the time to create your sales and marketing success plan for that year.

Now is the time to download my new free report entitled: Get Bigger Projects from Better Clients: 15 Simple Steps to Success.


Fred Berns creates promotional copy for and coaches interior design professionals the world over.

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