Watch for Wins, Not Walls

“I don’t watch the wall,” race car driver Mario Andretti supposedly said when asked for his secret of success.

Wise words.

It’s wisdom based on a simple truth: what you think about, you bring about. Drivers who constantly watch and worry and fret about the wall too often end up crashing into it.

Are you watching the “walls” in your interior design business?

Are you spending your time obsessing about price objections, slumping sales, or other hardships?

Are you focusing on the frustration resulting from this unreasonable client, or that unreliable contractor or those projects from Hell?

Are you caught up with regrets about the “pain-in-the-butt” project you got, and the lucrative one you didn’t? Or the puny flat fee you charged instead of the larger one you deserve? Or the underperforming junior designer you hired instead of the rock star you didn’t?

If so, expect more price objections, slumping sales, hardships, and other onerous outcomes to come your way.

Sorry, Susan, but that’s the way life works.

There’s a law of attraction here. Think about the financial pressure you’re facing in your design business, and you’ll attract more of it.

Concentrate on upselling and add-on selling and generating abundance in other ways, and you’ll attract more abundance.

That’s why I advise my coaching clients to look through the windshield, not the rear view mirror.

Stare through the windshield, and you’ll get a good view of the possibilities and potential and promise that lie ahead. Gaze through the rear view mirror, and you’re too likely to focus on the roads you coulda-woulda-shoulda have taken – but didn’t.

You are what you think about.

Don’t think about the size of the walls in your business.

Think about how to get over, under, around and through them.


Fred Berns coaches and writes promotional copy for interior design professionals.

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