Why and How to Get Twice Your Price

Charge twice as much for your interior design services.

That was the “call to action” in my recent interview with LuAnn Nigara for an upcoming episode of her “A Well Designed Business” podcast. The show will air in coming days.

My message, in a nutshell:

You should double your current fees because:

  • You’re worth it. You save clients time, money and stress, and provide them with resources they can’t get elsewhere. You enhance their workspace, their living space and their lives.
  • It will “qualify” you for working with higher caliber clients. High end clients expect to pay top dollar for top quality service, and will question your credibility if you charge too little.
  • It will compensate you for the time that  too many designers give away, too often: travel time, planning time, etc.
  • It will provide you with the income you want and deserve, and enable you to exceed your financial goals.
  • It will raise the industry standard.

Three keys to setting and getting twice your current fee:

1/ Look the Part. Draft and distribute a Killer Bio which promotes you as the Star that you are.

2/ Sound the Part. Promote your “Only,” and position yourself as an interior consultant who helps high end clients overcome their biggest design challenges.

3/ Act the Part. Come across as an “arriver” rather than “striver.”  Walk, talk and present yourself as a designer who already earns twice as much as your “former” rate.

Fred Berns has launched a new Platinum Program, providing design professionals with the copy writing and coaching services they need to double their fees within 30 days.

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