Fees: Are Yours Too Low for “Luxury?”

One thing may be holding you back from attracting classier clients.

That one thing may be blocking you from geneating lucrative, long term projects. It’s the same thing that prevents you from earning the income you want and deserve.

That one thing isn’t luck. It isn’t your location. It isn’t a competitor.

The one thing holding you back is your fees. They are too low to “qualify” you to work in the high end market.

WHAT?!!! No way, you say.

Now you’re going to tell me that some of the most affluent homeowners in your area are some of the cheapest.

And you’re going to tell me that you  get pushback from clients who insist you already charge too much.

And you’re going to tell me that you have to be a celebrity designer to work in the high end market.

And you’re going to give me a whole bunch of other reasons —other than fees— that make it impossible for you to work in the luxury marketplace.

And, when you’re done, I’m going to say: “I don’t care.”

And you shouldn’t either.

Don’t give me all the reasons why you can’t work in the affluent market.

Give me all the reasons you can.

I’ll help you out here.

You’re a multi-talented design professional fully capable of handling everything from project management and space planning to furniture selection and color consultation.

You’re a highly skilled interior consultant and problem solver who is adept at helping clients overcome their most pressing design challenges.

You have extraordinary resources and contractors and vendors and suppliers.

Not to mention your portfolio. It’s terrific.

In short, you already “look” the part of a luxury market design professional.

Problem is, you don’t charge the part.

Chances are, wealthy prospects are blown away by your qualifications and expertise. But they’re puzzled by your prices.

After all, these are people who are used to paying top dollar for top quality services and products. When you quote fees they consider too low, they get suspicious. They wonder how could you be so good if you’re so cheap.

I’ve coached and created bios and other promotional materials for luxury market designers all over the world. They have varying degrees of experience, they work in markets big and small,  and they run their businesses a gazillion different ways.

But the one thing they have in common: they charge top dollar for their services.

If you’re serious about working with classier clients, you should, too.


Fred Berns writes promotional copy for, coaches and speaks to interior design professionals from Dallas to Dubai.


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