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If ever there was a time to work “On” as well as in your interior design business, this is it.

After all, competition has never been more intense. It’s never been easier to get elsewhere the design services and products that you sell.

A great way to work on your business is to focus on your business fundamentals. And a great way to do that is to tune into the new Podcast Place at my website, InteriorDesignBusiness.net. The Podcast Place is a downloadable library of all my appearances on “A Well Designed Business” hosted by LuAnn Nigara.

LuAnn’s show is the industry’s No. 1-rated Podcast, and it’s been my honor to be one of the show’s most regular contributors.

What you’ll find at The Podcast Place is a collection of interviews on business topics directly related to you.

Check out the podcast collection, and learn the “common denominators” of the most financially successful luxury market designers. (7 Habits of Highly Effective Luxury Market Designers) Discover  the selling strategies of some of the nation’s leading design professionals. (Selling Methods of the Masters)

What’s it take to pinpoint and promote your “Only” brand, as in “I’m the region’s only designer who…?  Get the answers in the segment titled Own Your Only.

There’s no better personal marketing tool than your online bio, and you can find out how to add polish and pizzazz to yours in the Create a Killer Bio program. And you’ll be able to generate more “buzz” and business from your website, once you have listen to the show called Add Wow! to Your Websites.

Finally, if you’re looking to generate substantial income for your design business in a short amount of time, look to the segment called Five Keys to a Fabulous Fall.

All in all, lots of good information about the business of the interior design business. Check out The Podcast Place at InteriorDesignBusiness.com.


Fred Berns writes bios and other promotional copy for interior design professionals worldwide.

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