Have a Look at LuAnn’s “Well Designed Business” Book

The most important new book in years for interior design professionals is now available, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

“The Making of a Well-Designed Business” by LuAnn Nigara has hit the market, and it’s a “must-read” for anyone and everyone within the design industry.

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The book is a spinoff from LuAnn’s enormously popular podcast, “A Well Designed Business.” As a six-time guest on that show, I’m well aware of its impact and LuAnn’s expertise. She recently presented the 300th episode of the show, which has become one of the industry’s top resources for career and business-building information.

The book supplements the podcast, touching on such vital topics as:

+ The characteristics of a great leader

+ The need for new businesses to establish core values and a mission statement

+ The importance of incorporating systems into your business

This book provides the kind of “how’s to’s” and insights that many interior design schools don’t. I’ve always felt that those schools offer too few courses on the “business of the design business.” That’s why a book like this is so vital to those who are serious about success in the design industry.

Run, don’t walk to get more information about, and order “The Making of a Well Designed Buseinss.”

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