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A tiny tweak can result in a tremendous turnaround in your business. It can double your dollars and take your career to the next level – and beyond.

Interior designers who add real estate staging services – and stagers who add interior design services – can achieve greater financial success than they ever dreamed possible.

How to make that happen is the focus of an extraordinary webinar that Audra Slinkey, one of the nation’s leading home staging experts, and I are presenting on Nov. 8.

The complimentary program is entitled Supplement Your Success! 10 Terrific Reasons Designers Should Stage & Stagers Should Design, and it’s scheduled for 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Wed., Nov. 8.

Register for the “Supplement Your Success!” webinar here.

This powerful program is designed to help you overcome the number one financial obstacle facing design professionals today: leaving money on the table. Far too many designers and stagers earn a fraction of the income they could and should because their clients and prospects are unaware of all that they can do.

Attend the “Supplement Your Success!” webinar, and you’ll learn:

  1. How, When and Where to Launch Your New Interior Design or Staging Service
  2. How Designers Should Charge for Staging, and Stagers Should Charge for Design
  3. Why You Already Are Qualified to Offer Your New Staging or Design Service
  4. Powerful Low Cost/No Cost Ways to Promote Your New Staging or Design Service

Do you want to stop leaving money on the table?

Do you want to start earning the income you want and deserve?

Then, you’ll want to attend the “Supplement Your Success!” Webinar on Nov. 8.

Register for the “Supplement Your Success!” webinar here.


Fred Berns is an interior design industry business coach, copy writer and speaker



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