Time for a Fee Fix?

So, what’s the deal about those local competitors of yours who make more money than you?

Why is it that those interior design professionals set and get higher fees for the same services you provide?

Well, there’s something you ought to know.

They aren’t necessarily more talented and skilled than you. Or more experienced. Or more knowledgeable. They simply attach more value to themselves.

That’s a big deal, you know.

Those higher paid designers get compensated for who they are, rather than what they do. What they do, after all, may be no different than what you do.

Bottom line: self promotion isn’t just big. It’s HUGE!

The higher priced, higher paid cats make more because they promote themselves more.

The Audio Success Series points out that you can set and get any fee you want to as long as you can differentiate yourself from those who charge less.


So how do you make this all-important personal sale?

Step one: spell out your specialness. Identify your “Only” statement, as in: “We’re the region’s only interior design firm that specializes in assisted living facilities.”

Tell them what only you do, and they’ll buy only from you.

Once you’ve pinpointed and polished your YOU-nique Selling Proposition, promote it.

Talk and tweet and text about your track record, and yourself. And make sure you look the part of the star that you are. Create marketing materials which position you as uniquely-qualified.


Bottom line: it matters not what you say about your fees. What matters is what you say about yourself.

Fred Berns, a personal marketing coach, writes promotional copy for interior design professionals

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