Why the Income Gap Between Identical Firms? Ask David

Why is it that one interior designer earns three times more than another, despite apparently identical firms?

That’s a question my friend David Shepherd has studied for years, and he’s determined there’s only one possible answer!

David is a university professor and design business expert who was the founder of the Business of Design Conference and the Best Practices Network. More than 3,000 interior designers took advantage of his business skills training over a nine year period.

It’s a rare combination in the interior design niche to find someone with such deep archives of specific, real-world case studies, and the analytical chops to draw clear conclusions from them.

As a result of what he discovered, David has created an entirely new management philosophy for designers wanting to join the 5% of top-earners in their field. The new framework is called an ActionMap, and it helps to simplify, clarify, and increase the profitability of any design firm, whether a solo practice or one with 20 employees.

David is now demonstrating the ActionMaps framework in a webinar and every interior designer should budget 45 minutes to attend this extraordinary event. 

You can select a convenient time for you by clicking HERE.


David will also be conducting a live workshop to help designers create their own ActionMap, November 10-11 in Fort Worth, TX. He’ll have information on the webinar for those who are interested. (Fewer than 40 spaces remain.)

Again, there is only ONE reason why one interior designer earns 3X another, despite apparently identical firms. You’ll know exactly what that reason is by attending this webinar. 

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