Check Out the Champion’s Checklist

ListWhile the Jolly Fat Dude is making a list and checking it twice this holiday season, you should make a list of your own,

Your list should include marketing strategies you’ll adopt in 2015 to take your design business and career to the next level.

Here’s the Champion’s Checklist that I share in the Audio Success Series:

Establish Your Expertise. The dictionary definition of an “expert” is “skilled person.” That would be you. Promote yourself, in all of your marketing channels, as an interior design “expert.”

Pinpoint the Pain. Write an article, blog or special report on the five biggest design challenges facing your clients, and offer your ideas on how to overcome them.  An easy way to create instant credibility.

Build Your Herd. There’s strength in numbers, and you absolutely, positively want to increase yours. Double your database by offering a free report (see above) through a special email program that captures contact information. Use social media to develop fans and followers.

Get Fan Feedback. Positive reviews on Houzz and elsewhere create buzz and build business. Ask clients early and often for testimonials.

Get Quoted and Promoted.  Free Publicity is the best advertising that design professionals can’t buy. Offer yourself as an interview source to industry blogs, trade publications, etc. Also, submit news releases, articles, columns, etc.

Seek a Sugar Daddy. Plenty of national vendors and suppliers are dying  to connect with the clients you serve. Help them make that connection, in return for their help in marketing you. “Daddies” have much bigger databases, and marketing pockets than you. Tap into them.

Add “Wow!” to Your Website. The average website visit it 4 seconds and 2 clicks. Make sure that visitors to your site get it – and you – in that time frame. Include captivating and concise copy, a killer bio, and a compelling Call to Action.

Defy the Lie (#1). Don’t buy the baloney that self promotion is “bragging.” It’s how you educate prospects on how you differ from competitors. The most financially successful designers are the best self promoters. Ain’t right, or fair, perhaps. But it’s fact.

Defy the Lie (#2). Think your work “sells itself?” Think again. Never, ever assume that your  design portfolio is so special that it speaks for itself. Never did, never will. Sell yourself, first.

Go Global. Lots of design professionals are making lots of money through online design from clients worldwide. Your turn.


Fred Berns is an interior design industry speaker, coach and promotional copywriter.

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