“Firsts” Add Magic to Interior Design Marketing

We're first

Remember your first date?

Of course. How could you forget?

Remember your fifth date? Probably not.

No. 1, we remember. No. 5 – or even No. 2 —  we may not.

In this first week of the New Year, let’s focus on “firsts.”

There’s something to be said for being first in sports, in medicine, in space exploration– and in your interior design business.

Are you the first firm in your area to offer virtual, on-line design?

To offer a certain furniture or fabric line?

To sign a contract with an international hotel chain?

To reach a certain sales milestone?

“First,” like the word “Only,” demonstrates your distinction. It, too, spells out your specialness, and gives you that competitive edge.

“First,” like “Only,” creates instant impact and makes your interior design business memorable.

And “First,” like “Only” dramatically differentiates your organization.

Those who are first in their field are often linked with and best known for introducing a product, according to Jerry McLaughlin, a contributor to Forbes.com.

He cites the examples of Scotch tape, Kleenex, Xerox and Slinky as “brands that have become synonymous with their function.”

Consider the interior services you initiated, the space planning you made available, the CAD system you unveiled, the pricing program you rolled out, the guarantee you offered in your company’s early days.

Were you the first design firm in your area to provide all  or some of that?  Even if yours isn’t the only company offering that now, you could lay claim to the label “industry pioneer.”

You can increase your organization’s recognition and rewards by formulating on your “firsts,”  and sharing them in all of your marketing materials and campaigns.

Figure out your “Firsts” – and be the first to spread the word.

Fred Berns is the FIRST interior design coach and copywriter to blog about “Firsts” in 2013.

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